Sapna Shah

I am not in your shoes, hence cannot image the efforts put in by you and your company to please students with absolutely good quality uniforms. However, I am reflective of my gratitude before my child leaves her school.
Having an older child who was a Rugby player always rolling of fields, it’s beyond one’s imagination how difficult it gets to have their PE uniforms and white school clothes always dazzlingly Immaculate. I truly appreciate the quality of fabric used; it is absolutely commendable. His school days sailed smoothly without a hitch of uniform looking horrible after a few rigorous washes.
Also, with my daughter’s PE uniforms your fit and sizes are simply incredible. It made her feel comfortable. How can one forget to thank you for your prompt courier services, which reduced our pains to go to stores. Your customer care department too is quite agile. Really appreciate all that your company has done for the children for years. Hope you continue the same services in future as well. Good Luck. Thanking you.